Teton Village H-1 (The Hoback Club)

Project Type



Jackson Hole

General Contractor:  Layton Construction
Subcontractors or Key Contractors:  PHAZE Concrete & Construction (Customer)
Materials Used on Project and Quantities:

  • 18,000 CY RMC
  • 72,000 tons Aggregates
  • 300 tons HMA

The Hoback Club Project is underway in the Teton Village in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. This exclusive ski in and ski out condominium complex is one of the last two commercial lots left in the Teton Village. With luxury amenities, residential owner members will experience a private club with thoughtful and intuitive service in the beautiful mountains of Wyoming. Evans Construction is providing the bulk of the ready-mix concrete, approximately 18,000 cubic yards, 72,000 tons of aggregates, and 300 tons of HMA.

"This project required our team to be innovative with the mix design, as the bulk of the 18,000 cubic yards of ready-mix concrete would have to be pumped through nearly 700 ft. of slick line. The mix design needed to pass through the entire length of the line while maintaining its slump. Our QC department did a fantastic job dialing in the mix design and has performed flawlessly."

Scott Evans, General Manager

Evans Construction Company