National Museum of Wildlife Art Sculpture Terrace Project – Earthwork, Gading, Storm Drainage, Road Base, Asphalt Patching & Paving

July 28, 2015

Evans Construction was subcontracted for all of the earthwork, grading, asphalt paving and asphalt patching work for the construction of the National Museum of Wildlife Art Sculpture Terrace.  This project consisted of: Demolition and disposal of asphalt, concrete sidewalk & curb & gutter, the installation of a limestone foot path, approximately 35,000 square feet of grading & prepping for colored concrete  terrace, a black PVC coated Gabion wire basket wall with stacked stone face,  grading & Drainage for amphitheater seating, re-routing of main waterline, new storm drainage system, prepping for new concrete curb and gutter, boulder retaining walls, asphalt patching between new curb and existing asphalt, complete reconstruction and asphalt paving of the main entrance.  Evans Construction also supplied all the colored concrete for the sculpture terrace.