Jackson Hole Airport Runway Safety Area – Asphalt Paving, Earthwork, Aggregate Base Course

July 28, 2015

Evans Construction was contracted by the Jackson Hole Airport to construct a 650′ Runway Safety area on the South end of the existing Jackson Hole Airport Runway.  The project consisted of clearing and grubbing, removal of abandoned storm pipe and manhole, milling & full depth removal of asphalt, concrete pad removal, electrical demolition, minor unclassified excavation, concrete encasement cap of existing underground drainage pipes, sub grade preparation, aggregate base course, asphalt paving, topsoil placement, pavement marking and lighting.  The bulk of all work conducted on this project was done at night in very limited windows of operation, and under the extreme scrutiny of FAA standards.  Evans Construction was able to complete this project on time and on budget with no delays to the incoming or outgoing flights.