Jackson Hole Airport Glycol System Recapture Pad – Earthwork, Grading, Underground Infrastructure, Aggregate Base Course, Asphalt & Concrete Paving

July 28, 2015

Evans Construction has been contracted to construct the De-Ice Pad and Glycol Recapture System project for the Jackson Hole Airport. It is located north of the airport terminal building on the northeast side of the existing airport Taxiway A at the Jackson Hole Airport.  The project consists of installing a new 180-foot x 460-foot concrete de-ice pad with associated aircraft and non-aircraft asphalt pavement, trench drains, storm system, and 30,000 gallon collection & storage tank.  Other related activities include grubbing, electrical demolition, unclassified excavation, milling asphalt, full depth asphalt removal, electrical work, sub grade preparation, aggregate base course installation, topsoil placement, and seeding with hydromulch. Unlike the runway safety area much of this work will be able to be done during daytime working hours.  Still this project will be challenging to meet all of the FAA construction standards, and we look forward to completing this project this summer.