How to Build a Crushed Stone Walkway in 2024

January 3, 2024


There’s something undeniably captivating about crafting a space that’s both functional and visually appealing. Imagine a crushed stone walkway winding through a garden or leading to a front door – it’s not just a path, but a journey through a unique slice of the outdoors. At Evans Construction, we’re passionate about these journeys, which allows us to add some guidance in creating an amazing, crushed stone walkway, marrying simplicity with sophistication.


The Focal Point

Crushed stone, the key element of our garden path, isn’t just any ordinary material. It’s a blend of various rocks like granite, limestone, and slate, which have been crushed into small, uniform pieces. This not only gives it a unique, natural appearance but also a range of practical benefits. The variety in color and size options allows for customization to fit any style, from understated and earthy to bold and striking. Functionally, crushed stone is a smart choice. It’s known for its excellent drainage capabilities and durability, maintaining its form and function in various weather conditions. This makes it an ideal material for garden pathways, combining aesthetic appeal with practicality.


The Blueprint

Every great creation starts with a plan. Envision your walkway’s path. Will it meander gently or take a more direct route? Sketching out your design is a great way to start. Don’t forget to measure your intended path – this step is crucial for figuring out how much material you’ll need.



A good walkway starts from the ground up. Begin by clearing your chosen path of any plants or debris. Leveling the ground is next – it’s vital for preventing any future wobbles or trips on your walkway. If you’re battling weeds, lay down a barrier fabric. It’s like setting ground rules – it keeps your walkway neat and the unwanted greenery out.


Laying the Foundation

A solid walkway needs a solid base. We usually go for about 3-4 inches of compacted gravel. It’s not just a bed for your crushed stone; it’s the unsung hero that provides drainage and stability. Tamp it down well; a shaky base means a shaky walkway.


Placing the Crushed Stone

Now comes the fun part – laying the crushed stone. This isn’t just dumping and spreading; it’s where your walkway really starts to take shape. Aim for a layer about 2-3 inches thick. Spread it evenly, rake it out, and watch as your path comes to life.


Edging and Care

Edging is like the frame to your masterpiece – it holds everything together and adds a clean finish. Metal, stone, brick, or even plastic – the choice is yours. It’s all about keeping the stone where it should be. A quick hose down will clear away any dust and leave your walkway sparkling.


We at Evans Construction appreciate the craftsmanship involved in creating something enduring. Here’s to the natural elegance and functionality of a new crushed stone walkway, pieced together stone by stone.