Creating a Gravel Patio: The Perfect Late Summer DIY Project

August 9, 2023


As the days of summer start to wind down, the idea of enhancing your backyard for the remaining warm days becomes increasingly appealing. Here at Evans Construction, we understand the allure of a well-designed outdoor space. A fantastic way to add functionality and charm to your yard is by creating a gravel patio – a perfect late summer DIY project.

In this guide, we’ll lead you through the straightforward process of constructing your gravel patio. This project allows you to directly experience the rewards of your hard work, while also showcasing your creativity. So, let’s dive into the steps involved in bringing this DIY endeavor to life.


Planning your gravel patio project is arguably the most crucial step. Consider the size, shape, and location of your patio. You’ll need to think about sun exposure, proximity to your house, and the type of activities you envision in the space. Is it a spot for quiet relaxation? A stage for lively summer barbecues? A safe play area for children? Remember, a well-thought-out design leads to a more efficient and successful build.

Marking the Area

Having settled on the layout, it’s time to mark out your patio area. Use spray paint or garden stakes and string to define the boundaries. This visual outline aids in excavating the area correctly and ensures that your gravel patio takes the shape you desire.

Preparing the Ground

Prepare the ground for your gravel patio by digging about six inches deep within the marked area. This depth will accommodate your gravel, along with a layer of landscaping fabric and crushed stone that will serve as a solid base. During this process, ensure to remove any roots, rocks, or other debris that could interfere with your smooth, even patio surface.

Laying Landscaping Fabric and Base

Next, cover the dug-out area with a sheet of landscaping fabric. This material prevents weeds from infiltrating your gravel patio and helps maintain its integrity over time. Once the fabric is secure, spread a 4-inch layer of crushed stone over it. The stone will compact into a sturdy base, making your patio more resilient and long-lasting.

Adding the Gravel

Now, for the main event – adding the gravel! Pour a 2-inch layer of gravel over the crushed stone. We suggest using a rake to spread it evenly across the entire area, ensuring uniform coverage.

Compact and Level the Gravel

The final step in creating your gravel patio is to compact the gravel. This can be done using a hand tamper or a mechanical plate compactor. It’s crucial to compact and level the gravel for a firm, stable surface. After this step, your patio is ready for furniture and all the late summer relaxation or entertainment you planned.

With the right planning and execution, your gravel patio can transform your outdoor space into a functional, charming retreat. So, grab your gloves, your tools, and your vision, and let’s make the most of this late summer with a brand-new gravel patio.