Community Safe Routes Phase I N. 89 Pathway – Earthwork, Grading, Road Base & Asphalt Paving

July 28, 2015

Evans Construction was contracted by Teton County to construct a bike path from the north end of Jackson, North to the Grand Teton National Park pullout a top Fish Hatchery Hill.  The entire project was tucked in an environmentally sensitive area on the west side of the highway right of way and the National Elk Refuge Eastern border. The project included clearing and grubbing, topsoil stripping, excavation and embankment, culverts, culvert extensions, welded wire retaining walls, miscellaneous grading, sidewalk extension, pit-run gravel sub base, crushed gravel base, asphalt paving, minor guard rail, trail signs, reclamation, and other miscellaneous work. The entire pathway was approximately 23,000 feet long, 10′ wide and 2″ thick.  Many challenges were encountered on this project, and changes to the original design were required to accommodate the physical limitations of the migrating elk which would need to cross over the pathway at the retaining wall sections in order to reach their winter feeding area.  Evans Construction was able to adapt and address the changes that the engineers came up with along the way.