Chip Seal Projects

July 23, 2015

Evans Construction is capable of doing a wide range of chip seal projects ranging from small driveways, subdivisions, County Roads, commercial complexes to DOT Highway installations. We have a vast amount of experience in this arena and look forward to helping you determine if a chip seal is the right application for you.

Chip Seals are not the solution for everyone, but in the right circumstance they are definitely worth the time, effort and money to install. The true intent for a chip seal is to seal the surface of the driveway, road or highway, and to also establish a new wearing surface on top to further enhance the longevity and durability. Chip seals are also used for aesthetics as a way to cover up an asphalt paved driveway or road and make it look like a gravel road. It is not really recommended to install a chip seal for a driveway directly on a gravel surface, and the driveway should really be paved first to allow for better durability. There are certain circumstances that would allow this, but not where there are tighter turning motions on the driveway; such as near the garage and parking areas. For further information about chip seals go to the Asphalt/Chip Seal Driveway Q&A or give us a call @ (307) 733-3029, we would be more that happy to assist you.