Snake River Sporting Club Roadway Completion Project – Earthwork, Grading, Slope Stabilization, Retaining Walls, Asphalt Paving

July 28, 2015

Teton County attached the developer’s bond/letter of credit to complete this project in order to meet minimum County standards to allow for certificates of occupancy for any homes that were completed or about to be completed in this development.  Evans Construction was contracted to stabilize the slopes, correct a previous contractors subpar work, install storm drainage system, install erosion control measures, install signage, remove and replace guard rail, grade and pave the roads.  Slope stabilization was subcontracted to a geotechnical contractor and done by means of spiral nails and permanent erosion control fabrics.  At the time this was the largest spiral nail slope stabilization project in the country.  Evans Construction installed almost 20,000 square feet of welded wire retaining walls as another means of slope or road stabilization. A previously constructed welded wire wall also had to be completely dismantled and re-built.  A tremendous amount of cutting of slopes to the proper angles to ensure slope stability or to allow for proper width of road was done throughout the project.  Owner supplied and Evans supplied road base was placed on the roadways and prepped for asphalt paving.  Evans Construction then paved the roadways, installed street signs and subcontracted guardrail installation and replacement.